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Johanne Charlemagne-Mitchell


Johanne Charlemagne-Mitchell was born in Castries, St. Lucia and was a member of The Christylights Dance Group founded by Mrs. Christine Samuel and The National Dance Group of St. Lucia under the leadership of Virginia Alexander (Virgie).

Her sister Erene Charlemagne introduced her to limbo dancing at an early age. She performed with the Limbo Group Flamingo Dancers under the leadership of Vincent Lucas for 8 years representing St. Lucia internationally at the Folklorama Festival held annually in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Her dance career with Flamingo dancers lead her to perform at several memorable prestigious events e.g. The filming of Water starring Michael Caine, filmed in Soufriere, she had the honor of performing for Michael Cain and his cast of that movie. At the Windjammer hotel she performed for actor Lou Gosset Jr. who was on island filming a documentary.

She remembers one particular year, every weekend was spent off island, travelling to the private island of Mustique of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, to perform at the famous Basil's Bar, and Cotton House Hotel. She had the honor of performing for Mike Jagger & Jerry Hall. It gave her great pleasure when Ms Hall got up and participated in the limbo show. The following weekend flying to Barbados to board the Cruise ship named Explorer StarShip which sailed to Grenada and on return to St. Lucia Flamingo Dancers performed and thrilled the passengers.

After her 8 years with Flamingo Johanne decided it was time to start her own group, and Stars Incorporated Limbo Dance Group was born. The group is a little over 12 years and throughout the years has changed members, but has always remained consistent.

Your visit to St. Lucia will not be complete if you have not experience their exciting performance. You can catch the show at any of the major hotels on the island. If you are lucky enough to visit on a Cruiseship which leaves the island at night you just might catch her show on board your ship.

"My goal is to represent my island on an international scale. To please my audience and leave them wanting more. To provide the best entertainment for your money" says Johanne.


Terry Jn Baptiste

MY name is Terry Jn Baptiste, the following is a history of my performing arts experiences from the tender age of six years old.

I was only six when my training started, which later led me into the performing arts. It was my father who started my journey by introducing me into the art form of (yoga of posture) which set the foundation upon which my various art forms would later build on. At the age of eight, I was introduced to my uncle who had recently returned from Barbados as a gymnastics instructor at one of the community colleges. Not long after I was being taught gymnastics and I made remarkable progress which enabled me to make my first debut at the age of nine.

The group TTT connection was formed which consisted of my father, uncle and I, we performed the art of acrobatics and martial arts.

AT the age of fourteen my uncle was unable to continue with the TTT connection and as a result I joined a limbo and fire eating group called Flamingo Dancers, shortly after where I was able to grasp the art form with ease, I continued until the age of nineteen.

At the age of twenty I formed a group called The Magnificent Treo and we performed gymnastics and acrobatics which continued for the next six years.

Later that year I was introduced to the group Stars Inc Limbo and Fire Eating group where I am presently anchored. And even now the enthusiasm and determination lives on.

Jessica Leonce

My name is Jessica Leonce and I am a Hair Stylist and Nail Technician by profession, but when I am not styling or doing nails my passion is dance.

Like many dancers I started dancing at school at a tender age, but it was my sister Charlyn a senior dancer with the group Charmalion Dancers under the leadership of Rosemary Etienne who signed me up with the troop. From there my dance career exploded. I started performing at hotels, pageants and many local events.

We moved to the regional stage performing in neighbouring islands like Martinique, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Grenada, Guadeloupe to name a few.

I got a call in March 2009 which took me to a totally different dance experience. I did not hesitate and accepted the offer to join Stars Incorporated and was introduced to fire eating which posed as a challenge, but I am so proud to say I overcame my fear in one night on stage.

Now I can officially say I am a Limbo Dancer and Fire Eater.


Nickita Clarke John

My name is Nickita Clarke John, a Secondary School Teacher by profession; teaching French and Theatre Arts. I started formal dance training at the age of seven with Christine Samuels of the Christylights Dance Academy.

Later on, I joined the Les Enfants Dance Group where I developed as a dancer. We performed at several private and public performances both here and abroad. I further went on to develop my skills in dance in Guadeloupe.

On my return, I was invited to become a member of the Onyx Dance Crew performing genres which were similar but also a new form in addition to all what I had previously performed. My introduction to Stars Incorporated began when the group leader invited me to join her Team which I happily accepted.

I now perform at many of the major hotels on island, many public and private events. Performing with this dance family is awesome! I continue to have a passion for dance, music and theatre.

Charlene Mohammed

Born August 11, 1991 in the neighboring soca island of Trinidad and Tobago this beautiful baby arrived into the world, Charlene Mohammed. At the age of three I relocated to simply beautiful Saint Lucia, this country I love calling home.

I was then introduced to the Stars Incorporated Family through one of its members, Tamara Xavier, after performing at an event with her. Days later, rehearsals began and within a couple of weeks I was on stage with the most vibrant energetic dance group.

I am now a professional Dancer for the Fire Eating and Limbo Dancer Group popularly known as Stars incorporated and a senior member of Sofyerie Promotions a vibrant Marketing and Promotions Agency.

As a young and energetic individual I enjoy the outdoors, especially adventurous tours, hosting family events, promoting & marketing goods and services, dancing, singing and being a role model to the young generation in my community; I am also very spiritual, loving and compassionate.

Joedina Kym Celestine


Joedina Kym Celestine is my name. I started performing very early in my years and my very first audience was my family. I would put on shows on my own whenever it was someone's birthday or a holiday and I would also teach my siblings routines and have everyone more involved in my art.

When I got to primary school I realized that this art form would take me to places I could only dream of, so I joined a school dance group named CAM under the management of local teachers. From that day my body has never stopped grooving to different beats. As I grew, I joined more prestigious dance groups and got involved in many more performances from schools auditoriums, to hotels round the island, to Prime Ministers and heads of States Residences/ gatherings.

I've performed on regional stages as well but not only as a dancer but as an ambassador for my country through pageantry. Today, I am a proud member of the islands leading Fire and Limbo Dance Group Stars Incorporated, and have been since 2011. The stage is where my heart is. #dancer4life







Tamara Xavier's

I was first introduced to dancing at the age of 6 when I was enrolled in the Les Enfants Dance group. 10 years later I moved on to the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy, where I developed my skills and flexibility which made me into the dancer I am today. Dance has allowed me to travel to a number of places e.g. Suriname for Caifesta, Guadeloupe, Martinique to name a few.

I am currently a member of the Stars Incorporated Family, which is a total transformation to what I was used to. I was faced with the challenge of learning the skill of fire eating, and the technique to allow me to bend under a limbo bar. My goal is to develop myself more, study the art form abroad and become a professional dancer.


William Sherwyn Mariatte aka Smokey

I was introduced to fire eating and breathing 9 years ago by a friend called Marcus. We trained quite a bit until I did my very first performance at the Rex St. Lucia Hotel with the group Lightning Stars . I have taken this art, and made it my own by introducing the fireball and using my finger as a torch. Fire breathing is my speciality. Performing on stage whether it be local or international gives me get pleasure, seeing how alarmed and astonished my audience get when I do my fire act. My introduction to the group Stars Incorporated was quite by accident, Johanne and her husband were in the audience watching and were very impressed by me, and as they say the rest is history.








I am vibrant, outgoing and free spirited Sharice  Augustin. At the age of 9  I started dancing with Christylights  Dance Academy, this is where I discovered my love for dance and continued on to develop myself joining The Young Angels Dance Group which afforded me the opportunity to perform at numerous Festivals. My employment with Sandals Resorts as a playmaker was where I got intrigued by this Group (Stars Inc) I admired this dance group whenever they came to perform at the resort and it gave me such joy that I felt obligated to be apart of such a magnificent and dynamic limbo dance group. I contacted the group's leader Mrs. Johanne Charlemagne-Mitchell and was pleased to be given the opportunity to prove myself. After countless rehearsals starting with Mrs Mitchell and then Charlene Mohammed one of the groups senior dancers I hit the stage, determined to be  one of the best in the art of Limbo dancing. 


My dance background stems from age 9 with the Les Enfants Dance Troupe under the leadership of Virginia “Aunty Virgie” Alexander.  My years of experience with the group provided numerous occasions to perform locally and regionally on cultural exchanges and training opportunities.  I’ve performed in various productions including the Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, and Movements which were produced by the Les Enfants Dance Troupe; in addition to the St Lucia Jazz Festival, Revelations, Ste Lisi Par Excellence Awards, CARIFESTA VIII (Suriname), Sarafina, World Travel Awards, Esperance, Carnival Queen Pageants and M & C Fine Arts Awards.  My training includes modern/contemporary dance with the St Lucia School of Ballet and Modern Dance, Edna Manley School of Dance (Jamaica) and the Centre of Art and Culture (Guadeloupe).  Throughout the years I’ve also had the opportunity to train with Micole Aubertin, Trevor King and Christine Samuel of St Lucia, Carol LaChapelle of Trinidad, Fred Lassarre, Annick Torquermade and Lena Blou of Guadeloupe, Jean Guy Saintus of Haiti, and Noble Douglas of Trinidad.  I’ve performed with a number of groups on the island including Miracle Dancers, Limited Edition, Movement International, the National Dance Theatre Company and now Stars Incorporated.  So far my experience with Stars Inc has been very exciting.  The fire and limbo takes some getting used to but I see this as another opportunity to grow.  I’d like to thank Johanne and her team for the opportunity and for welcoming me into the Stars Inc family!!


George ann

My name is George-Ann Celestine. I started dancing at the age of 6 with CAM Dancers, a group within my former Primary School. After graduating and moving onto secondary school, I decided that I needed to join a more technical dance group and joined one of the leading dance companies in St.Lucia, The Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy. My time with SSPAA was short lived but the 2 years were very beneficial to my growth as a performer. I always found myself participating in different activities even though I wasn't a part of a recognized group. I danced at school talent shows, schools award ceremonies , school anniversaries and almost any other gig that allowed me to express myself on stage. From 2010 until now,  I started dancing alongside local artistes who have been in competition mode such as RICKY-T, AMBI, QPID, DAESEAN, SHEMMY and a new and upcoming artist OMEGA.  I have also performed for International Artistes QQ and RAZOR B both originally from Jamaica.... Ohhhhh how I love to dance. Recently, however I became a member of the islands most entertaining group 'Stars Incorporated' after my big sister KYM who is also a member encouraged me and ensured that I would enjoy every minute of it. Being a part of this group has been very rewarding as an entertainer and my journey with my Stars Family continues.
My name is Thalia Sealy and I am a very energetic, fun-loving, positive, ambitious, outgoing, talented young lady. Born on 9th May, 1995 in the uniquely beautiful island called St. Lucia dancing has always been my passion . My first experience was dancing in church, using my talent to praise God. I was approached by a member of Stars Inc so I ceased the opportunity as a quest to development myself. Johanne Charlemagne-Mitchell guided me through rehearsals and the warm welcome from the other members was very overwhelming. My first performance with the group was a memorable and unforgettable experience. I feel blessed to be part of this amazing dance group and look forward to many more exciting experiences. ?







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